Population at the beginning of the year by sex and selected age groups

Average population by sex and selected age groups

Structure of population at the beginning of the year

Components of population change

Marriage and divorce


Fertility indicators

Live births by weight


General mortality indicators

Mortality rates by sex and age groups

Causes of death: number of deaths by selected causes, sex and age group

Causes of death: mortality rates by selected causes, sex and age group

Morbidity - new cases during the year

Morbidity - registered at the end of the year


Antenatal care

Early childhood care and Pre-primary education (ISCED 0)

Primary (ISCED 1) and lower secondary (ISCED 2) education

Upper-secondary education (ISCED 3)

Post-secondary non-tertiary (ISCED 4) and tertiary (ISCED 5) education

Children with disabilities in education

Children left without parental care, during the reference year

Children in residential care

Children in family type care


Committed crimes

Crimes against children

Children reported as being in contact with police

Children arrested

Children charged with an offence

Children in pre-sentence detention

Children involved in criminal proceedings


Children in detention

Government interventions

Family support

At risk of poverty

Absolute poverty

Material deprivation of children

Severe housing deprivation of children

National accounts

Employment and unemployment