Albania Institute of Statistics (ISTAT)
Armenia National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia
Azerbaijan State Statistical Committee of the Azerbaijan Republic
Belarus National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus
Bosnia and Herzegovina Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bulgaria National Statistical Institute of Bulgaria
Croatia Central Bureau of Statistics
Czech Republic Czech Statistical Office
Estonia State Statistical Office
Georgia National Statistics Office of Georgia
Hungary Hungarian Central Statistical Office
Kazakhstan The Agency of Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Kyrgyzstan National Statistical Committee of Kyrgyz Republic
Latvia Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia
Lithuania Statistics Lithuania
Montenegro Statistical Office of Montenegro (MONSTAT)
Poland Central Statistical Office of Poland
Republic of Moldova National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova
Romania National Institute of Statistics
Russian Federation Federal State Statistics Service (ROSSTAT) - Statistics of Russia
Serbia Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia
Slovakia Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
Slovenia Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
North Macedonia Statistical Office of Macedonia
Tajikistan Statistical Agency under President of the Republic of Tajikistan
Turkmenistan State Committee of Turkmenistan on Statistics
Ukraine State Statistics Service of Ukraine
Uzbekistan State Committee on Statistics of the Republic of Uzbekistan